Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus - Chalice

Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assemblies display a strong fraternal spirit to the death
of a Sir Knight member through a meaningful and personal gesture of gifting a Chalice to
memorialize a Sir Knight. When a Sir Knight passes away the Assembly purchases a Chalice and
engraves the name of the Sir Knight on the base. The Chalice is then donated to a local priest,
bishop or missionary in the name of the deceased Sir Knight, so that each time the Chalice is used
for Mass, the Sir Knight and his family are remembered in a special way.

The Chalice Program is a beautiful and lasting gesture to pay tribute to a Sir Knight and their family.
It offers great comfort to the family members of a deceased Sir Knight that a chalice presented for
use in offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass will continue to honor their loved one.

Source: Fouth Degree Knights of Columbus, El Camino Real - Assembly 85, Huntington Beach, CA